Interest Rates and Fed Tightening

Is the Federal Reserve significantly tightening monetary policy? The conventional wisdom says yes. After a series of hikes, the Fed’s short-run interest

Luxury Beliefs Death Spiral

It used to be that the wealthy elite distinguished themselves through so-called Veblen goods. Ostentatious displays like a big house or fancy

Robespierre and Us

Reprinted from Law & Liberty Maximilien Robespierre is far from yesterday’s news. In important respects, his paradoxes reveal the paradoxes that remain at


Even though I almost never encounter an argument for – or justification of – government intervention into the economy that persuades me,

Revisiting the Pokéflation

Throughout the spring of 2021, the prices of Pokémon trading cards and boxed sets were soaring. Sales of the cards exploded to

Ludwig Erhard: Architect of a Miracle

Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin Reprinted from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute How rare and refreshing it is for the powerful to understand the limitations of

Fed Up With the Fed

Reprinted from the Future of Freedom Foundation The Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) began operations in 1914. Thus, many find it difficult to fathom

Milk Crate Law?

Milk crates are surprisingly ubiquitous. Durable built-in handles are well placed for lifting. The shape of the bottom locks tightly into the