What’s Next for the Fed?

After neglecting to address inflation throughout 2021 and into 2022, the Federal Reserve has now raised its interest rate targets 10 consecutive

The Greedflation Myth

Politicians on the left were quick to blame greedy corporations for rising prices. “Corporations have figured out they can use inflation as

America’s Long Depression

Is America in a recession already, or does a definitive downturn still loom on the horizon? What difference does it make, given

How Congress Should Reform the Fed

It’s very difficult for elected officials to hold the Federal Reserve accountable. Is that a problem?  There’s a strong counter-majoritarian tradition in American

More Self-Interested Union Altruism

Before the midterm elections, union-backed Democrats worried about a November rout began pushing a proposal for a 32-hour standard work week in

Emotions and Climate Change

Paul Schwennesen One of the prime advantages of a graduate education is the opportunity it presents to witness firsthand the exquisitely facile handwringing