Are Cryptoassets The Great Scam?

At the New York Times, Paul Krugman writes that cryptoassets are a “Great Scam,” with all cryptoassets worthless. He even suggests that

Of Patriots and Freedom

We celebrate a number of holidays every year in the United States, and while each has its partisans, there aren’t many that

What Is Juneteenth to All Americans?

As the nation celebrates the holiday called Juneteenth, it is only natural to reflect upon the experience and ongoing struggles of African-Americans

Juneteenth: Uniquely American

Many Republicans ignore Juneteenth. This is a mistake.  Juneteenth is a uniquely American day of remembrance. It should be celebrated by all Americans,

The Workhouse of the Early Court

Reprinted from Law & Liberty Academics often value brilliance over soundness. Brilliance is more interesting and exciting, even if soundness is what best