Yes, You Need the Liberal Arts

Reprinted from the Washington Examiner Liberal education and the liberal arts have fallen on hard times of late. And if we think there’s

Goodbye, Anthony Fauci

When Anthony Fauci announced his retirement, a deluge of fawning coverage about his career immediately appeared in mainstream media outlets. This praise

Back to School? A Higher Ed Crisis

It’s August, and millions of students, teachers, and administrators are headed back to the nation’s college campuses. Colleges predict enrollment will rise

Price Stability First

The Great Depression had many causes, including massive deflation. So today’s economic situation is more like the inflationary 1970s. That said, the

The Fed Needs a Single Mandate

First published by The Hill Inflation continues its relentless march, eating away at workers’ wages. Consumer prices rose 9.1 percent year-over-year in June, the fastest