The Childishness of Wokeism

Wokeness features too many flaws even to list – never mind to discourse upon – in an essay of reasonable length. But

Seek Symmetry

Noncompete agreements, wherein an employee agrees not to work for a company’s competitors for some period of time after leaving the company’s

FDR’s Raw Deal for African Americans

Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigns at Soldier’s Field, Chicago, Illinois. Source: Flickr The American Institute for Economic Research was formed 90 years ago to

The 1619 Project’s Confusion on Capitalism

A pervasive sense of confusion characterizes Hulu’s new 1619 Project episode on “capitalism,” beginning with the basic definition of its titular term. Project creator Nikole

Two Ways Trade Creates Wealth

We trade so frequently that we don’t even think about it any longer. It’s just mundane, and indeed, if you’re reading this,

Recessions and Economic Freedom

Talks of imminent recessions are plentiful as people consider how central banks around the world are dealing with high inflation. Regardless of

In Defense of “Junk” Fees

My title is a bit misleading. I will, unapologetically, defend fees. I will also defend many of the fees that are unjustly

An Economics Pop Quiz

Here’s a pop quiz. Some questions are conceptual, others ask about particular facts. The correct answers are supplied at the end. (But