A Cooler Assessment of Heatwave Deaths

“Lawn watering banned: mercury 101.3” read one Toronto newspaper. “Heat kills 100 Twin Citians” titled a St-Paul newspaper. These titles are not

Zero Impact’s Grim Cost

Reprinted from Law & Liberty Philosopher and energy expert Alex Epstein sets himself two goals in his new book, Fossil Future—one significantly more difficult

Not so Modern Monetary Theory

What is valid about Modern Monetary Theory isn’t modern, and what is different about it is, and has always been, whack. Modern Monetary

Re-Imagining Medicine

Reprinted from EconLib Twice per year a group of medical students and I put on a “Mini Medical School” for high school students

Helping Y’all Understand Protectionism

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed “tariff man,” imposed a panoply of tariff increases in the misguided attempt to stimulate American production. However, Joe