Five Questions for Fed Chair Jerome Powell

First published by The Hill Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has come under criticism for seriously underestimating and then failing to respond to the recent

New Jersey Bag Ban

New Jersey has outlawed plastic bags, paper bags, and styrofoam containers—and yet its efforts to be green are backfiring. The New York

How to Make Disinflation Less Scary

Inflation, following four decades of dormancy, has reemerged as the biggest problem facing the US economy today. In comments at last month’s

Can Congress Rein in the Fed?

Reprinted from Law & Liberty Say what you will about Karl Marx, the man knew how to turn a phrase. His observation about

All for Nothing

The late Walter Kempowski is one of Germany’s best-known writers. His monumental achievement was his ten-volume Das Echolot: Ein kollektives Tagebuch (Echoes:

Wanted: Economic Literacy

Economist Thomas Sowell once wrote, “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all