When Equality Becomes Evil

Reprinted from the Foundation for Economic Education Memorize the following line, teach it to your children, and shout it from the rooftops every

Liberalism’s Greatest Gift

Watching Ken Burns’s, Lynn Novick’s, and Sarah Botstein’s brilliant 2022 documentary, The U.S. and the Holocaust, is difficult. The viewer’s heart is

Politicians and Their Reasons

By now, the world is painfully aware of the ordeal facing Sri Lankans. In Sri Lanka, schools are closed, fuel is limited,

Democrats Fail the Marshmallow Test

I have been reading a lot about President Biden’s latest “non-political” release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and his student loan forgiveness

The Republican Conundrum

Our leaders on the left and right have been living in a fantasy world of unlimited spending, bailouts, and money-printing for far

What Ain’t So Can Hurt You

We all say we admire honesty. But whenever we actually have to choose, we pick the person who tells us what we